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Appellate Division Legal Briefs

The appellate Division currently files about 20 amicus briefs per year totaling more than 150 to date.

Below are cases that the Appellate Division has participated in.

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Legal Brief
Visa Inc. v. Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc.

The RLC’s amicus brief supports Sally Beauty’s appeal by providing important retail industry context. Learn More

  • May 4, 2021

Legal Brief
Cothron v. White Castle

The RLC challenges the decision that each biometric scan is a separate violation of the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) subject to penalties. Learn More

  • April 5, 2021

Legal Brief
Barry's Cut Rate Stores Inc., et al. v. Visa, Inc. et al.

The RLC supports RILA’s intervention in opposition to class certification in the long-running MDL-1720 interchange case. Learn More

  • March 26, 2021

Legal Brief
In re: Amendments to Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.510

The RLC submitted a letter to the Florida Supreme Court in support of the Court’s amendment adopting the federal summary judgment standard. Learn More

  • March 15, 2021

Legal Brief
Palmer, et al. v. Amazon

The RLC asks for OSHA regulations to take precedence over state laws to avoid patchwork regulations. Learn More

  • February 23, 2021

Legal Brief
Trans Union v. Ramirez

The RLC’s brief addresses an attempt to certify a class where the class representative suffered an injury, but the other class members are uninjured. Learn More

  • February 8, 2021

Legal Brief
Goldman Sachs Group Inc v Arkansas Teacher Retirement System

The RLC’s brief asks the Court to consider the type of evidence that a court may consider before a class is certified in securities litigation. Learn More

  • February 1, 2021

Legal Brief
Walmart v. DEA

The brief concerns the Department of Justice’s attempts to use subregulatory guidance as a basis for an enforcement action. Learn More

  • November 30, 2020

Legal Brief
Scott v. Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.

The RLC’s brief asks the Court to consider whether a single common fact among a group of opt-in plaintiffs is sufficient to certify under the FLSA. Learn More

  • October 1, 2020

Legal Brief
Facebook, Inc v. Noah Duguid

Amici brief urges SCOTUS to restore TCPA to its intended scope that prohibits robocalls, while allowing retailers to send convenient text messages. Learn More

  • September 11, 2020

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