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The Zero Waste Network (ZWN) is composed of leading retail waste management and compliance executives who work to improve materials management and eliminate product and packaging waste throughout their supply chains, distribution networks and facilities. As the retail industry moves forward on a path to a more circular economy, the ZWN provides a forum for retail zero waste executives to hear from experts and engage peer-to-peer benchmarking on the implementation, management, and oversight of retail waste programs.

Topics covered include:
  • Minimization options for waste generated at retail facilities and product and packaging supply chains including, recycling, donation; composting, and reuse and more reliable diversion-enabling markets
  • How retailers can work with value chain stakeholders to assess alternative materials; and
  • Innovative technologies and initiatives that promote a more circular economy.
The ZWN hosts bimonthly focused benchmarking calls, an in person meeting in conjunction with Greenbiz’s Circularity conference, and a biannual in person meeting held in conjunction with RILA’s Environmental Advocacy Committee,Environmental Compliance Network and Sustainability Committee. The ZWN also conducts benchmarking surveys and helps inform the Retail Compliance Center’s development of new waste management, sustainability and environmental compliance tools and resources.

For information on RILA's Zero Waste Network, contact Susan Kirsch, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at Network members can access recent ZWN content and resources below.
For more information on environmental law and regulations applicable to retail, including tools for environmental compliance program management, and sustainability and zero waste management resources visit the Retail Compliance Center website. 

Joining the Zero Waste Network

Zero Waste Network is an invite-only group opened to industry leaders. This includes those that lead not just in sales but in aspiration. Through collaboration, education, advocacy and innovation, we envision the future of retail — and help retailers succed in it. To discuss if your company meets the requirments, contact

Network Materials

April 2022 Energy Management Network Meeting

Energy Management and Information Systems, Emission Reductions and Resiliency, Building Electrification, Environmental Justice, & Scope 3 Emissions

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Sustainable Packaging Clearinghouse

This Clearinghouse highlights sustainable packaging-related policy, guidance, and trends.

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Extended Producer Responsibility for Retail

Resource page showcasing different types of EPR and the associated legislation

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Packaging Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Compliance

2021 Retailer Environmental Roundtable session with Garth Hickle (Signalfire Group).

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Consumer Bag Legislation Summary Matrix

Summary of consumer bag legislation by state and local jurisdictions, including bans, fees, and specifications for different kinds of allowable bags.

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Solid Waste

Resources on solid waste management, recycling and organic waste requirements, and disposal bans.

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July 2021 Sustainable Packaging Strategies Survey Report

RILA summarized Sustainability Committee and Zero Waste Network member responses to a benchmarking survey on sustainable packaging strategies.

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