Packaging EPR State of Play and What's Yet to Come in 2023

As states struggle with how to manage packaging waste, many have made the push towards extended producer responsibility (EPR) regulations that move the cost and responsibility of waste handling from communities to product manufacturers and distributors, including retailers. In 2022, five states, (California, Colorado, Maine, Oregon, and Washington), passed packaging EPR legislation, and several states are considering similar bills this year.

In this webinar, Garth Hickle, Managing Director at Signalfire Group (subsidiary of Resource Recycling Systems) provides an overview of the packaging EPR landscape, as well as important upcoming regulatory implementation milestones and opportunities for stakeholder engagement. Hickle also highlights other related state bill activity such as recycled content mandates and bans/fees. Joe Rinzel, Principal at Multistate and Townsend Brown, Coordinator, State Government Affairs at RILA share what packaging legislation may come to fruition soon, and key elements and trends retailers should monitor.

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Packaging EPR State of Play and What's Yet to Come in 2023 Video Thumbnail
Garth Hickle, Joe Rinzel, and Townsend Brown share updates on the packaging EPR landscape, upcoming implementation milestones, and opportunities for stakeholder engagement.

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