Implementation of Reusable Packaging Models

Recorded: 5/6/2021

In light of growing regulatory pressures in the U.S., including single-use plastic bans in California, New York, and Hawaii, increasing eco-consciousness among consumers, and groundbreaking technological developments, the business case for reuse models is growing rapidly. In this webinar, Kate Daly, Managing Director at Closed Loop Partners, draws on the firm’s experience as an early champion of reuse models through its investments, pilots, tests, convenings and research to share the six key steps to implementing these models on the ground. Joanne Dwyer, Vice President, CSR & Sustainability at CVS Health will join to talk briefly about the Beyond the Bag initiative as well as reuse models.
Key Webinar Highlights:

  • The lay of the land for reuse models in North America, including notable policy shifts, pioneering innovators and the enabling technologies needed to amplify impact, illustrated by case studies from Closed Loop Partners’ NextGen Consortium, Beyond the Bag Initiative and Closed Loop Ventures Group
  • The nuts and bolts of what it takes to get reusable packaging off the ground, including selecting the perfect spot, choosing the right payment models, measuring impact, optimizing for health and safety, choosing materials built to last, and collaborating with diverse stakeholders
  • What steps are needed to collectively accelerate the reuse models, moving from piloting and experimentation to implementation in global supply chains

Webinar speakers:

  • Kate Daly, Managing Director – Closed Loop Partners
  • Joanne Dwyer, VP CSR & Sustainability – CVS Health


Closed Loop Partners and CVS Health discuss the nuts and bolts of what it takes to get reusable packaging off the ground.

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