Engaging Suppliers on Renewable Energy Sourcing

Recorded: 12/10/2020

As retailers make progress on addressing their own clean energy needs, their attention is shifting to their supply chain. Many companies find a majority of their emissions fall under the Scope 3 umbrella, making engagement with the value chain critical for progressive action on decarbonization.

Walmart and Schneider Electric have partnered on a first-of-its-kind approach to supply chain engagement on renewables, using an aggregated cohort model to deliver greater market access to suppliers previously unable to access the market on their own. In this session, Joby Carlson from Walmart and Mike Nolan from Schneider Electric will discuss the program and share their insights into how retailers can improve their own supply chain accessibility.

In this webinar attendees learned:

1. Why the supply chain is the next frontier for decarbonization

2.How companies are addressing this need

3. What Walmart and Schneider Electric are doing to change the face of supply chain renewables
Walmart and Schneider Electric discussing a first-of-its-kind approach to supply chain engagement on renewables.

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