How Retailers are Setting & Implementing Targets Webinar

How and why retailers are setting SBTs and how they are working to achieve them in their own operations and by working closely within their supply chains to drive action.

 Whether you’re just beginning to explore science-based targets, in the process of developing your target, or are working to achieve you SBT, this webinar will help you better understand the next steps in this journey.


  • Bridget Schrempf - Regional Lead, Commit to Action, CDP
  • Julia Silberman - Account Manager, Supply Chain, CDP
  • Joanne Dwyer - Senior Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, CVS Health


  • What are the SBTi criteria
  • How and why to consider an SBT
  • How retailers are managing scope 3 emissions to set and achieve SBTs
  • Applied insights from CVS Health, as they build the business case for setting their own SBT
How Retailers are Setting & Implementing Targets Webinar Video Thumbnail
Webinar featuring CDP and CVS Health on Science-Based Targets (SBTs) and Scope 3 emissions reduction approaches.

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