February 2021 XUAR Due Diligence

February 2021 XUAR Due Diligence

Peer survey on XUAR due diligence that touched on topics of: XPCC Supplier communication and mapping, due diligence steps and risk identification, company responses to hypothetical supplier situation related to Xinjiang, and service providers. (Members-only content. Please log in to access).


Please note that chart percentages reflect the responses of those who responded to a particular question and some respondents may not have responded to a question if it was not applicable. Refer to the response count for the actual number of respondents associated with an answer.

The survey results represent a “snapshot in time” of some RILA member companies’ policies and activities related to the topics covered by this survey. Not all RILA member companies participated in the survey. Therefore, the survey results do not represent a complete picture of the policies and activities of the whole RILA membership or the retail industry on these issues. 

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