ESG Roadmap: Opportunities & Potholes Along the Way Webinar

Given the rapid growth in investor Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) interest, companies are looking at different ESG strategies. Indeed, each company’s ESG journey is unique, so how can companies structure an ESG program and communication to achieve maximum impact while minimizing risk? 


  • Joseph Sun - Vice President & Research Analyst - Thematic & Sustainable Equities, AllianceBernstein


  • Heather Keough - Senior ESG Consultant, Leaders Arena
  • Chris Plath - Senior ESG Analyst, Leaders Arena


  • Different strategies for telling a company’s ESG story to the market
  • Coordinating internally on ESG
  • Identifying the most relevant ESG issues for a company.

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ESG Roadmap: Opportunities & Potholes Along the Way Webinar Video Thumbnail
Webinar featuring Leaders Arena and AllianceBernstein on ideas for structuring and communicating an ESG program.

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