Retailers back White House plan to tackle organized theft

Plan calls for more transparency on Amazon

Retailers welcomed a provision in President Biden’s crime plan that would require Amazon and other online marketplaces to verify the information of third-party sellers on their platform.
“To tackle organized retail theft, the plan calls on Congress to pass legislation to require online marketplaces, like Amazon, to verify third-party sellers’ information…”
Fact Sheet: Biden Safer America Plan
Statement from Retail Industry Leaders Association, Senior Executive Vice President for Public Affairs Michael Hanson:
“We appreciate President Biden including marketplace transparency in his crime plan. The anonymity provided by Amazon and other marketplaces makes it too easy to sell counterfeit and stolen products from behind screen names and bogus business accounts, and it has led to a dramatic increase in theft at local retailers across the country. Law enforcement at the federal, state and local level have all confirmed this troubling trend.  Beyond monetary losses, these crimes have led to a significant uptick in attacks on employees in stores. Earlier this year Homeland Security Investigations released a study connecting the financial proceeds of organized retail crime to the funding of more dangerous and violent crimes involving gun smuggling, drugs, and human trafficking. 
“The INFORM consumers Act would direct online marketplaces to verify high-volume third-party sellers by acquiring the seller’s government ID, tax ID, bank account information, and contact information. If enacted, it would also ensure that consumers can verify basic identification and contact information when shopping on Amazon and other marketplaces. The rise in organized retail crime has been dramatic and it is time legislation is enacted to help stop these criminals from harming communities and families.”
“Basic transparency can make a difference. Making it harder to sell illicit goods from the shadows will help consumers avoid unscrupulous sellers, and aid investigators and prosecutors as they crack down on criminal networks in our communities. Congress had an opportunity to pass INFORM this summer, but failed to include it in a recent legislative package headed to the President’s desk. We urge Congress to pass the INFORM Consumers Act this year, and send this common-sense legislation to protect retail workers and consumers to the President’s desk.”


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