Safety, Confidence, Creativity Key to Restoring Paychecks

Retailers Press Congress to Help Get Americans Back to Work

Today the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) sent a letter to Congress urging lawmakers to pass bipartisan legislation that restores confidence, rebuilds the U.S. economy, and helps over two million retail employees get back to work.
“Retailers understand the path to an economic recovery begins with ensuring the safety, security, and confidence of workers and customers,” said Michael Hanson, RILA senior executive vice president, public affairs. “While leading retailers focus on safety, Congress should focus on building confidence and liquidity in the economy. Congress should continue temporary aid to keep families financially secure and help stabilize the balance sheets of businesses so that they can put people back to work and deliver private-sector paychecks again.”

In addition to recommendations that will build confidence and promote a safe reopening of the economy, retailers are also urging Congress to think outside the box when it comes to transitioning furloughed and unemployed workers back into the economy. 
“Retailers want Congress to ensure individuals have opportunities and incentives to reenter the workforce,” said Hanson. “This is why we are pressing Congress to consider mandating that any state that receives continued and expanded UI funds allows individuals to accept part time shifts without a reduction in current unemployment benefits. This is vital to ensuring a smooth transition for millions of Americans from unemployment to private sector employment.”
As leading retailers forge forward and bring people back to work, it is also critical that they are protected against unwarranted and frivolous lawsuits. RILA supports the enactment of commonsense liability protections that shield retailers from baseless claims while allowing legitimate claims of actual misconduct to move forward.
Retail Industry Leaders Association

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