Leading Retailers Welcome COVID Relief Legislation

The bipartisan COVID relief deal announced today is vitally important for families and businesses whose lives and livelihoods have been upended by COVID-19.  Today’s agreement does not solve every problem families and businesses will face in 2021 as we look to recover and rebuild, but it is an important first step, and one that will provide hope to those struggling in this pandemic.  

This holiday season brings the promise of vaccines and the hope of brighter days around the corner, but with millions still out of work and over 100,000 Americans currently hospitalized with severe coronavirus symptoms, funding for unemployment, health care, and first responders is what many families and communities desperately need right now.  We urge Congress to quickly pass this relief bill and ask President Trump to sign it.
Retailers and our employees are doing everything we can to help families safely celebrate the season, and we encourage all Americans to join us in continuing common-sense practices to keep themselves and others safe this holiday season—wear a mask in public spaces and stores, practice responsible distancing and avoid large crowds, and practice good hygiene at all times.    


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