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RILA's consumer product vision is to focus on federal regulations, legislation and product safety issues impacting the retail sector, working with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, U.S. Customs & Border Protection, and other entities to address these issues. For more information on RILA's consumer product agenda, contact Susan Kirsch, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs at

Product Safety Issues

Retailer Reporting Program

Retailer Reporting Program

​The RRP is a CPSC/industry partnership program which participants report specific product incident data elements to CPSC on a weekly/biweekly basis.

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CPSC Engagement

CPSC Engagement

Over the past year, RILA has continued to increase its regulatory advocacy before the CPSC and congressional outreach on product safety issues.

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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)/Drone Flight Safety and Registration Requirements  

RILA supports the FAA's goals of increasing UAS flight safety and security as well as ensuring that consumers are aware of FAA's UAS registration requirements. Information about FAA UAS registration requirements can be found here. RILA is also an official supporter of the Know Before You Fly Campaign, a government-industry initiative that promotes safe and responsible flying practices for current and prospective users of UAS products. Learn more at    

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Regulatory Comment Letters

Regulatory comment letters filed with federal agencies.

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