CPSC Engagement


A small independent federal agency, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), regulates many of the goods sold by RILA members, including clothing, toys, furniture, window coverings, tools, recreational equipment, appliances, and electronics. RILA is continually seen by members of the Commission as being a trusted partner and thought leader on product safety issues. At a recent hearing, Commissioner Bob Adler gave RILA public praise for our efforts to collaborate with the agency on a variety of issues.

RILA Efforts

Over the past several years, RILA has continued to increase its regulatory advocacy before the CPSC and congressional outreach on product safety issues and has coordinated with other trade associations as appropriate in efforts to ensure that regulations promulgated by the CPSC advance public safety interests without unduly burdening the retail industry. RILA is continuing its efforts to enhance its relationship with the CPSC and position RILA as a well-respected voice of retailers on product safety issues. RILA has become one of the “go to” trade associations when CPSC Commissioners or senior staff have questions about the impact of proposed product safety regulations on business.

RILA has also facilitated direct member engagement with CPSC through member-only meetings, events and fly-ins. Each CPSC Commissioner has had the opportunity to present to the members which most recently include Commissioner Peter Feldman presenting at the February meeting of Product Safety Committee and Commissioner Dana Baiocco meeting with members during the fall committee meeting. RILA has also facilitated visits by commissioners to members’ headquarters. All of these meetings and activities provide retailers the opportunity to educate the Commission on the complexities of retailers’ international global supply chains and the regulatory challenges faced by the retail industry.

Next Steps

RILA will remain engaged with members on product safety issues and will continue to advocate before the CPSC for use of reasonable risk assessment principles, along with appropriate enforcement priorities and allocation of resources. RILA will continue to promote the establishment of strong CPSC-industry trusted partnership programs in order to: allow the CPSC to allocate its limited resources to address high product safety risks; provide members with commercially meaningful benefits; and minimize regulatory and enforcement burdens on RILA members. In addition, we are working with members to develop a strategy to leverage the retail industry's impact on final regulations and enhance the CPSC's partnership with industry.

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