The Value of Diversity Certifications Webinar

Retailers are rapidly expanding their Supplier Diversity Programs. One of the key ways brands and retailers identify diverse solution providers and contractors is through certification from diversity groups. This webinar covered the landscape of supplier diversity groups with first-hand insights from experts at Kohl's, Certify My Company, and Command Marketing Innovations. Attendees learned about why qualifying companies should consider getting certified.


Kohls_logo_black-1.png certify-my-company-badge-1.jpg command-marketing-innovations-1.jpg
Shannon Patel
Director, Supplier Diversity
Heather Cox
President and Co-Founder

Loren Breslow
President & Founder

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Get involved! Nearly all of RILA’s members have great information online about their supplier diversity programs and how to engage, so be sure to search for that information from a company you would love to work with.

Learn about the landscape of supplier diversity groups from first-hand experts.

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