Attract and Hire People for Who They Are (2022)

A Persona-Driven Approach to Retail Hiring


Retail job openings are vastly outpacing the number of quality job seekers. Talent Solutions RPO retail clients report head counts of about 75% of what they need. The best chance to fill the gap between jobs and candidates is to better understand the types of workers retailers could attract – including personas that may have been overlooked.

RILA and ManpowerGroup Talent Solutions RPO’s “Attract and Hire People for Who They Are: A Persona-Driven Approach to Retail Hiring” examines today’s retail employment landscape and identifies ways for retailers to expand their talent pool and introduce new candidates to opportunities in retail.


RILA and Talent Solutions RPO examine 11 retail candidate personas and for each, identify:

  • What attracts them to retail
  • How retailers may find them
  • Their career aspirations
  • For which roles they are a good fit, and
  • What is needed to attract and retain them.

In addition, the report outlines specific strategies for retailers to reach their top personas.

The 11 Retail Candidate Personas:

  1. Artist/Actor/Musician
  2. Caregiver
  3. Military
  4. High School Student
  5. College Student
  6. Future Manager
  7. The Product Champion/Customers
  8. Family Member of Employees
  9. Retiree
  10. Second Chancer
  11. Gamer or Hobbyist

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