RILA, RCC Support UL World Anti-Counterfeiting Week 2020

Point to USMCA as Positive Step to Curtail Counterfeits

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) and the Retail Council of Canada (RCC), hereafter “The Retail Associations,” are proud to support World Anti-Counterfeiting Week 2020 (November 16-20) with Underwriters Laboratories to highlight the important role that international cooperation and trade agreements play in combatting global organized retail crime activities such as counterfeiting. Thanks to the efforts of the Underwriters Laboratories Be Safe Buy Real campaign to raise awareness about the harms that counterfeits have on both consumers and the economy, we feel confident that we can continue to reduce the entry of these harmful products into our marketplaces.

One big achievement in this fight against fakes is the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).  USMCA contains the most comprehensive enforcement provisions of any trade agreement, —establishing a model for future agreements.  It strengthens our North American trading relationships and provides key provisions that will give consumers more choices of affordable quality products.  It also creates a cross-border approach for curtailing counterfeit products.  As leading retail associations, we are very pleased that USMCA requires “ex officio authority for law enforcement officials to stop suspected counterfeit or pirated goods at every phase of entering, exiting and transmitting through our respective countries.”   

While the agreement is an important step, unfortunately challenges remain.  The Retail Associations have seen counterfeit goods end up on our members’ store shelves in a variety of ways, including customer “returns” of fake goods.  We also know many unfortunate examples of how these harmful products hurt innocent people.  The health and safety of our customers, families and society is at risk when we don’t curtail counterfeits.

“As responsible retailers, having the assurance that the products being sold are genuine is vital to protect consumers and build and strengthen retailer and brand trust,” said Retail Council of Canada President and CEO Diane J. Brisebois. “RCC is fully supportive of initiatives that help curtail organized crime and the sale of counterfeit goods.”

Additionally, while the rise of online retail has created new opportunities, ongoing challenges with the sales of fake goods remains a growing problem. As an industry, our members continue to put protocols in place, however this is a broad challenge that involves multiple stakeholders. Through greater cooperation between governments and industry we can continue to educate consumers, establish enforcement protocols and support efforts to put the criminal syndicates who profit from counterfeits out of business.  

“Illicit products that would never be allowed on a store shelf or a legitimate retail website can pose a serious risk to consumers, particularly young children,” said RILA President Brian Dodge. “Leading retailers continue to push for basic transparency and accountability measures that will make it harder for bad actors to peddle counterfeit goods across our shared borders.”

We all have a role to play and the retail industry will do our part with safety organizations like Underwriters Laboratories to fight these illegal activities.  We applaud both the USMCA and the Be Safe Buy Real initiative as important steps to combat counterfeits.


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