ICYMI: FTC Urges Online Marketplaces to Protect Consumers

Today the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued a notice to 50 online marketplaces regarding upcoming compliance requirements under the new INFORM Consumers Act, effective June 27. The Commission highlighted online marketplaces’ responsibility to protect consumers from counterfeit, unsafe, and stolen goods, and expressed intent to “enforce the Act to the fullest extent possible”.

“Retailers are deploying a multi-pronged approach to combatting organized retail crime, with the goal of keeping workers and shoppers safe and restoring vibrancy to the communities in which they operate. The FTC’s enforcement of the INFORM Consumers Act is an incredibly important component of that effort,” said RILA Senior Executive Vice President, Retail Operations Lisa LaBruno. “In addition to holding marketplaces accountable, we’re optimistic the FTC’s commitment to enforcement will serve as a significant deterrent for criminals who would otherwise view these platforms as safe places to fence their stolen goods.”

Retailers were leaders among a diverse, broad group of stakeholders advocating for the INFORM Consumers Act over the last several years. Absent the transparency and accountability ensured by the soon-to-be implemented law, criminals and bad actors have been able to hide behind fake screennames to take advantage of legitimate U.S. businesses and put consumers in harm’s way with counterfeit and stolen products.

The full FTC notice here.


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