Retail Industry Response to New Mexico Business Shutdowns

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) President Brian Dodge issued the following statement following news that New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham is requiring thousands of businesses, large and small, to close for two weeks.

We strongly urge Governor Lujan Grisham’s to rethink her decision to shut down thousands of businesses at the outset of the holiday shopping season and consider adopting successful models implemented by governors facing similar surges of the virus.

Retailers have proven throughout this pandemic that robust safety protocols can effectively keep customers and employees safe in stores. Governors across the country have partnered with retailers to adopt the right mix of protocols and occupancy restrictions in cases of extreme coronavirus outbreaks—in California that model helped drive down caseloads while allowing all retailers to safely serve communities.  This model protected livelihoods and was proven to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

New Mexico and other states are experiencing large, unregulated gatherings which have become super spreader events, however, closing down retailers will not solve this problem. 

Retailers share the governor’s concern about the spread of COVID-19, and support her commitment to wearing masks and social distancing, but, again, we urge her to consider the successful model adopted in other states which have allowed all retailers to remain open while safely serving customers and protecting communities.  

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