Environmental Compliance, COVID-19 Webinar Part 2

Recorded: 4/10/2020

Environmental Compliance Committee Strategic Partners address a wide range of COVID-related topics. 

Covered Topics

  • 00:03:22 EPA’s Regulatory and Enforcement Response to the COVID-19 Crisis, presented by Beveridge & Diamond EPA has taken several steps to modify regulatory requirements to address obstacles identified during the response to COVID-19. Beveridge & Diamond discuss EPA’s recent policy changes to FIFRA intended to expedite sanitizing and disinfectant products into the market, retailers’ obligations with respect to these products, and EPA’s COVID-19 regulatory enforcement policy.
  • 00:36:45 Employee and Facility Safety for Pandemics, presented by UL UL experts share resources for employee training and safety for prevention and response, leading practices for responding to outbreaks in buildings, and how to prepare facilities to reopen after extended shutdowns.
  • 1:00:52  COVID-19 Decontamination and Preventative Cleaning Response Team Considerations, presented by US Ecology US Ecology presents and dialogues with emergency response experts on approaches to preventative cleaning and decontamination in the retail setting, and tee up considerations for retailers when selecting response providers.
Environmental Compliance, COVID-19 Webinar Part 2 Video Thumbnail
Environmental Compliance, COVID-19 Webinar Part 2

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