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State and Local Updates

  • The year 2020 showed just how important governors are. Thirty-eight states will elect governors in the next 2 years; a dozen of them are likely in play, raising the potential for one party to expand its influence across the nation. Politico has a complete field guide to the 2021-22 gubernatorial election landscape.
  • Cities and Suburbs: A Moment of Mutual Unease: Urban and suburban America need each other more than ever. The coronavirus is making their relationship difficult as remote work changes the status quo and increases the competition for talent.
  • California, Oregon, and Washington issued a joint travel advisory discouraging nonessential travel and urging visitors and residents returning from other states to quarantine for 14 days.
  • Vermont Governor Scott issued new restrictions which prohibit multi-household social gatherings, require restaurants to close in-person dining after 10pm, and requires residents to comply with contract-tracing efforts.
  • California: Five Bay Area counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Santa Clara, San Francisco) will adopt the state’s stay-at-home order earlier than required, some as soon as this Sunday and through January 4. As we noted yesterday, this order permits all retail to operate at 20% capacity.
  • Delaware: Governor Carney announced a new stay-at-home advisory through January 11, as well as a universal mask mandate statewide, requiring residents to wear a face covering anytime they are indoors with anyone outside their immediate household. The advisory does not apply to those traveling to and from their places of work.
  • States plan for vaccines: Today was the deadline for states to submit requests for doses of the Pfizer vaccine and specify where they should be shipped. With initial supplies of the vaccine certain to be limited, governors and other state officials are weighing both health and economic concerns in deciding the order in which the shots will be dispensed. Many appear to be heeding nonbinding guidelines adopted this week by the CDC to put health care workers and nursing home patients first.

COVID-19 - State and Local Response to COVID-19

Resource to Monitor State and Local Response to COVID-19

Source | MultiState Associates

To monitor the response of state and local governments to the coronavirus, MultiState Associates created a resource that provides a quick and easy reference to updates and information issued by state and key local health departments.

This information will be updated daily by MultiState's health policy team, so bookmark this link. You can access this new resource by clicking here.

State Actions on Paid Leave and UI

Source | MultiState Associates

To monitor state actions impacting paid leave and unemployment insurance, MultiState Associates created this Paid Leave and Unemployment Insurance reference guide which links to recent announcements and executive orders.

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