Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Resources

Tools and resources to track compliance updates

COVID-19 Environmental Compliance FAQ on Hazardous Waste

FAQ discussing some considerations on hazardous waste compliance with new situations that may arise as retailers cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 FAQ on Sanitation/Disinfectant – Products

FAQ exploring questions related to sanitization & disinfectant products that are new to your business or used, managed and sold in greater quantities.

COVID-19 Emergency Changes to Consumer Bag Regulations

Summary of states that in response to disruptions caused by COVID-19 have suspended enforcement or delayed implementation of regulations that ban retailers from giving out plastic consumer bags.

COVID-19 FAQs on Medical Waste for Retail Facilities

FAQ providing information on what is considered Regulated Medical Waste and requirements for these new waste streams.

Responsible Sourcing COVID-19 FAQ: UL

Responsible Sourcing Committee has composed a list of FAQs. Resource updated periodically. (Members-only content. Please log-in to access).

COVID-19 State Bottle Redemption Regulations

Summary of states that have suspended enforcement related to the take back of containers in response to the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Energy Management Store Operations COVID-19 FAQ

FAQ covering energy management related questions for companies operating during COVID-19.

COVID-19 FAQs: Shopping Cart Disinfecting and Stormwater Reg

FAQs on how stormwater regulations affect disinfecting shopping carts

Petco Shares Insight on Balancing Compliance and COVID-19

Petco Shares Insight on Compliance during COVID-19

Interview with Petco on changing business priorities and responsibilities during COVID-19

Petco Shares Insight on Compliance during COVID-19

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