RLC Board Directors & Guest RLC CLOs Sworn into SCOTUS Bar

Movant RLC President Deborah White and SCOTUS Bar Admittees & CLO Guests
Retail Litigation Center President Deborah White moved the admission of RLC Board Directors and visiting CLOs in the well of the Supreme Court on Wednesday April 17, 2024. Congratulations to the following RLC members who stood before the Chief Justice to be sworn in: Ann Aber (JOANN); Jenna Bedsole (AutoZone); Lacey Bundy (PetSmart); Rene Casares (Academy Sports); Tim Cheatham (Michaels); Tina Dekker (Meijer); Matt D'Ambrosio (Walgreens); Mike Eckhardt (Wawa); Ron Masciantonio (Five Below); Tracy Preston (Macy's); and Rhonda Taylor (Dollar General). Thanks also to the following RLC CLO guests celebrating with the RLC members: Bill Gabovitch (Primark), Tamara Conn (O’Reilly Auto Parts), and Vicki Donati (Crate & Barrel).

The RLC reserved the group admission opportunity over a year in advance and the Supreme Court clerk graciously hosted the RLC members and their guests in a private room prior to admissions and arguments. RLC Paralegal, Anna Williamson, served as the Supreme Court Bar Admissions Coordinator for the group. After being sworn in, the RLC members heard Justices Kagan and Sotomayor each deliver an opinion for the Court, followed by oral argument in Thornell v. Jones.

The RLC will host the next swearing in for RLC members soon.

RLC President Deborah White
RLC Board Chair, Lacey Bundy (Petsmart)
Tamara Conn (O’Reilly Auto Parts) & Bill Gabovitch (Primark)
RLC President Deborah White
RLC Board Director Rene Casares (Academy Sports) and Tracy Preston (Macy's)
Jenna Bedsole (AutoZone)
SCOTUS Bar Admittees and RLC Staff
RLC Board Director Ann Aber (JOANN)
RLC Board Director Rene Casares (Academy Sports) and Anna Williamson (RLC)
Vicki Donati (Crate & Barrel)
RLC Board Director Ron Masciantonio (Five Below)
RLC President Deborah White shared SCOTUS fun facts while the group waited

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