ESG/Sustainability data and reporting solutions are designed to allow retailers to compile, aggregate, and verify metrics for internal and external reporting purposes more efficiently. However, retail companies face unique challenges. For example, reporting greenhouse gas emissions ranging from hundreds or thousands of facilities that support both physical and digital storefronts to global suppliers is no small task.

As part of RILA’s Retail ESG Initiative, RILA compiled a survey for these solution providers, designed around common elements of member RFPs. This survey was created to provide retailers more context into existing services and solutions for gathering and reporting ESG/Sustainability data, including some solutions that collect information directly from suppliers. 

The updated Showcase site is now live with 17 solutions spotlighted, including: Appian ESG & Sustainability Solution, Ecodesk Horizon, EcoVadis, ESG Enterprise, FigBytes, Greenstone, Higg Sustainability Insights Platform, Hydrus Apollo, A Planet Sustainability & Neutrality, Metrio ESG Reporting, Moody's ESG, NASDAQ OneReport, Novisto, Persefoni Carbon Management & Accounting, Report Adviser, SupplyShift, and Workiva ESG Reporting.    

The Showcase asks solutions about their work in four macro-categories to help members gain a sense of products offerings and services these companies provide, including: Company Information, Solutions Focus, System Features/Capabilities, and Customer Service.

For a full list of participating service providers with a focus on data and reporting, and the services they provide, access the detailed ESG Data Solutions Showcase here. (RILA member login required)

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For more information on ESG-related topics or to make sure your solution is included in the Showcase, contact Erin Hiatt, Vice President, CSR at or Moni Adeyi, Coordinator, CSR & ESG at

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