Meet the Finalists: Startups Changing the Supply Chain Game

RILA Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain

Now more than ever, retailers look to their supply chain organizations to be responsive, high performing, and able to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. It’s fertile ground for innovation on many fronts, and retailers are looking to new players for ideas on how to adapt and integrate components of leading trends into their organizations.

That’s where RILA’s Startup Innovation Awards for Supply Chain come in. We put out the call for startups helping retailers innovate, specifically in the areas of customer experience, internal operations, leveraging data, automation, and supply chain management. By bringing these companies and their cutting-edge solutions to the forefront, we’re helping retailers envision the future of their supply chains and in many cases, develop relationships with companies who can help them take it to the next level.
After receiving over 50 impressive applicants, a panel of top retail supply chain executives helped us narrow the pack down to three finalists:


Gatik’s mission is to deliver goods safely and efficiently using autonomous vehicles. Its operations are helping to optimize the supply chain, solve critical industry pain points, and contribute to a logistics community that is safer and more socially responsible. 

Invent Analytics

Invent Analytics is a provider of advanced analytics solutions for retailers, focused on Inventory Optimization, Price and Markdown Optimization and Demand Forecasting.

Magazino GmbH

Magazino GmbH develops and builds intelligent, mobile robots that perceive their environment and make their own decisions. These autonomous robots work alongside people and make processes in e‑commerce, fashion and production logistics more flexible and efficient than ever before.

Now, these three finalists will have the opportunity to attend our LINK2020 Retail Supply Chain Conference and showcase their solutions to retailers in person, with the hopes of taking home top prize in the Awards. They’ll make their pitch on the main stage to over 1,500 retail supply chain executives and will be showcasing in LINK’s Expo Experience throughout the conference, as well.

I can’t wait to see these startups present their technology in just a few short weeks in Dallas. If you’re not already registered to attend this conference, make sure you reserve your front row seat to retail supply chain innovation here.

LINK2020: The Retail Supply Chain Conference

  • Feb 23 - Feb 26, 2020
  • Dallas, TX

RILA's Retail Supply Chain Conference is the only event of its kind - gathering top executives from leading retailers to network and learn.

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