RILA Speaks on Product Recall Effectiveness

Last week, Autumn Moore, RILA’s director of regulatory affairs and compliance, spoke to over 150 product safety professionals on a panel at the International Consumer Product Health and Safety Organization (ICPHSO). The panel, titled “Why are Effective Recalls so Hard?”, focused on retailers’ role in implementing consumer product recalls and also featured U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Compliance Field Director Beverly Kohen and Carma Project’s Founding Partner and President Tony Lim, and was moderated by Consumer Federation of America’s Legislative Director and General Counsel Rachel Weintraub.

RILA highlighted the unique role retailers play in the recall process, as both the face of a recall for customers returning a product and seeking remedy, and the facilitator of recalls on behalf of the manufacturer or supplier. Both roles are key in ensuring that consumer product recalls happen efficiently and effectively. Mr. Lim outlined interesting technology and techniques that are being used to ensure the Takata airbag recall for automobiles is as effective as possible, such as employing peer to peer contact with incentives for every person who took their car in to be repaired as a result of that contact. Ms. Kohen talked about how the CPSC works to make recalls as successful as possible during the enforcement, consumer education, and implementation phases.
For more information on retailers’ role in product recalls or consumer product safety, contact RILA’s Director of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance Autumn Moore.

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