RILA-Led Coalition Urges Lawmakers to Help Empower Workers

Last week, RILA led a letter from the Coalition for Workforce Innovation to the House Education and Labor Committee to voice opposition to provisions of the Protecting Workers Right to Organize Act that would restrict the ability of individuals to work when, where, and how they want.
Specifically, CWI takes issue with the definition of employee the legislation adopts from the problematic decision from the California Supreme Court in Dynamex Operations West, Inc. v. Superior Court of Los Angeles.  The letter states that, “independent worker is widely popular because it allows all individuals to organize their work on their own terms” but the PRO Act would diminish these opportunities.

The letter concludes by saying,

As technology continues to improve by connecting people with opportunities to leverage their own capital, expertise, and other resources, a fresh look at public policy will be needed to fully realize the macroeconomic benefits of these trends.

The Coalition for Workforce Innovation (CWI)was formed to bring together a broad, diverse group of stakeholders like the service sectors, small businesses, start-ups, technology companies as well as worker advocates to modernize federal workforce policy to enhance choice, flexibility and economic opportunity for all workers. RILA and CWI will continue to advocate in opposition to the PRO and its many provisions to ensure a robust 21st Century Retail workforce that is diverse, skilled, and innovative.

For more information about CWI, click here.

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