RILA's Retail Talent Council (RTC) Takes Shape

RILA has undergone some amazing changes recently – including moving to new offices and launching a new website. In addition, I am thrilled to highlight several exciting announcements about the Human Resources Leaders Council (HRLC) and the focus of the Council moving forward:

For the past several years, the HRLC has been a great convener for the highest-level HR executives from RILA member companies. It has created wonderful opportunities to network with peers, hear from high-level public policy experts, and explore the trends in the retail industry. In addition, during the last two years, with the help of 2018 HRLC Chairman Bob Ravener (Dollar General) and current Chairman Kevin Stickles (Wegmans), the Council has evolved as a crucial information source to help RILA and its members understand the impactful trends in retail and develop forward-thinking public policy strategies that will help grow the 21st century retail workforce. Many of the trends have centered around retail talent and the significant changes occurring in the marketplace.

To fully realize our updated focus and vision to create a central hub for retail talent related strategy, the HRLC will be reimagined as the Retail Talent Council (RTC).

The RTC will continue to convene the top human resources executives at leading retailers who oversee all things related to retail employment and are responsible for developing strategic visions for their workforce. The RTC will focus on long term trends and the vision of the retail workforce while providing thought leadership, research, and strategic guidance to help retailers craft a 21st century retail workforce that is diverse, innovative, and skilled.  

To learn more about the RTC, click here. To learn more about the 21st century retail workforce, click here.

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