Retail Legal Teams Embracing The (R)Tech Culture

RILA's legal affairs and compliance offerings are designed to give retail executives opportunities to network, share best practices, and act on the most pressing legal issues of the day. Together with legal executives from our member companies, we address a broad array of legal, operational, and policy challenges that retailers face. With an ever-changing retail and legal landscape, including evolutions in technology and consumer demands, that charge increasingly requires considering retail innovation.

Accordingly, RILA has been engaging our legal and compliance communities on the topic of innovation with increasing frequency over the last several years. In addition to providing a forum for benchmarking with peers about how a growing (R)Tech culture is informing legal activities internally and externally, we are bringing executives together to help address key questions facing their companies from a legal and compliance perspective. Questions like: 

  • How can legal departments adapt to support transformation in the retail industry? 
  • How can we support new, personalized shopping experiences while delivering high-quality, safe products and respecting consumer privacy? 
  • How can new technologies support more efficient legal practices internally? 

We're also bringing our legal communities together with startups, thought leaders, and trusted partners on the front lines of innovation to witness industry transformation firsthand. Notably, we recently led a group of deputy general counsel to San Francisco where they visited the Salesforce headquarters and talked with industry peers about regulatory trends, new technology, best practices, and shared challenges. 

And this year, we're excited to bring the conversation around innovation to our annual Retail Law Conference, just a few weeks away in Austin, Texas. The program includes multiple sessions that consider the legal ramifications of the growing (R)Tech culture, including the legal implications of technology like machine learning in retail, blockchain, and new payment programs. In addition, we'll have a keynote session on the "entrepreneurial" general counsel, moderated by Microsoft. 

In addition, RILA's Center for Retail Compliance, which helps retailers navigate the complex world of environmental and sustainability compliance at the national, state, and local level, is now implementing AI-based technology to make "real-time" peer-to-peer benchmarking accompanied by delivery of guidance tools tailored to the retailer's specific needs possible. 

Retail legal departments are more than just company watchdogs; these days, general counsel are empowering their teams more than ever before to enable innovation within their companies. We at RILA are excited to continue working with our legal and compliance communities to move the industry forward together. 

For more information about RILA's legal offerings, contact Deborah White

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