Helping Displaced Workers Find Continued Work

RILA is focused on providing retailers with tools and services that address their most pressing challenges. The sudden profound market changes caused by COVID 19 are already having a substantial impact on the retail workforce. Specifically, demand spikes are increasing talent needs for some retailers while government orders and market conditions will result in the displacement of talent from others.

To support retailers RILA has leveraged our relationships with staffing services providers to offer retailers with options to help displaced workers to find continued work.

There are numerous providers of staffing services potentially available to RILA members, we have included a few options below. Staffing firms’ services and areas of operations vary so RILA members should choose the staffing firm that meets their company’s business needs.


Advantage Solutions


Advantage Solutions is an outsourced sales and marketing solutions provider employing 80,000 people in the U.S., servicing primarily U.S. food, mass and club retailers (Walmart, Costco, all grocery, drug, convenience stores and specialty stores) and the brands that are in those stores. We call on 45,000 grocery stores per week to provide merchandising services and we do this with a workforce that generally works from 15-35 hours per week. We also have a large sampling business where we hand out products at all of the same retailers. We also have a large e-commerce and digital marketing business serving all of the major sectors including goods, apparel, travel and entertainment. 


Advantage would like to partner with you by providing a link for your furloughed hourly workers to find employment as our work in the grocery, mass and club stores is experiencing a temporary but high surge in need to service the stores to keep product on the shelves. We thought there might be an opportunity to help get some of your associates back to work while they await their normal roles to return to work.

Please note – we are not looking to keep these employees long-term and the hope would be to have them to return to your firm once COVID-19 settles and stores/companies re-open.

Link to current opportunities:

  1. SAS - (see attached PDF for more information)
  2. Advantage -

American Staffing Association

From American Staffing Association: ASA is proud to provide a bridge between RILA members and ASA member staffing agencies, especially in times of critical need.

Using this directory, RILA members can quickly find staffing agencies that are ready to assign temporary and contract employees to job sites throughout the U.S. Especially in demand are warehouse workers; store clerks for unloading, stocking, cleaning, and sanitizing; cashiers and greeters, forklift selectors and pickers; and delivery drivers.

ASA promotes legal, ethical, and professional practices for the staffing industry, and its member staffing agencies agree to adhere to a strict code of ethics that guides their operations and their interactions with employees and clients.

Visit us at American Staffing Association.


From HYR: We are committed to supporting our members, partners, merchants, and users in every way during this crisis. We want to ensure that you have the resources needed to operate your business. In the case of temporary shift work needs, RILA has partnered with Hyr to provide you a 20% discount on all Hyr shifts. Hyr is an app-based on-demand staffing resource that can be used to fill any hourly paid shift. Recognizing that we are all in this together, with this discount Hyr will not benefit financially from any shifts filled during this difficult time. Download Hyr on iOS and Android.

Visit us at and use promo code RILA 20 at checkout.

Erika Mozes, COO, Hyr


From Forge/WorkJam: WorkJam’s solution enables retailers to offer shifts, in an “open shift marketplace,” to another retailer's workforce. For example, if Retailer X is in a non-essential vertical that is closing stores for the next month, and wants to assist their frontline associates in finding work during this period, they could agree to allow Retailer Z (a company considered essential right now) to offer these shifts to their associates. This is a mobile solution that can be implemented very quickly (days potentially), facilitates this “employee sharing” if you will, and can also provide guided training to quickly onboard these people picking up shifts. If a grocer wanted to share talent with an apparel retailer, they could have videos that person needs to watch on WorkJam, answer a few questions and then allow the person to start picking up shifts for things like stocking shelves, etc. They also produced this white paper, which some clients have said has been helpful when trying to make the argument to management that they need more people during this rush.

In light of COVID-19, WorkJam is offering their solution free of charge to select association members for 90-days with no commitments.

Visit us at, this company feels strongly that part of their mission is to help protect the economic well-being of hourly workers and the companies that employ them during this time. Download our flyer about WorkJam offerings.

Andy Nicholas, VP, Americas, Workjam

ManpowerGroup Solutions

From ManpowerGroup Solutions: We can help coordinate retailers that want to decrease headcount and connect them to local grocers that want to hire. For each grocer that went to RPO support, we could recruit people from retail and into grocery. We can move very fast and put recruiters on the job quickly– including delivery drivers (CDL & non-CDL). We can even use WorkMyWay to advertise and pool candidates very quickly without using brand names.

Visit us at ManpowerGroup Solutions or download our flyer.

Melissa Hassett, VP, Client Delivery, RPO, ManpowerGroup Solutions


From Wonolo: Wonolo is an on-demand staffing platform with 300,000+ workers signed up across the country, and is used by Coca-Cola, Aramark, Crossmark, Driveline, Premium, and thousands of other businesses. Wonolo can on-board new businesses in minutes and find workers immediately. Learn more.

Visit us at Wonolo or download our flyer. All RILA members will receive a 10% discount.

Michael and the Sales Team, Wonolo


From Snagajob: At Snagajob, our mission for the last 20 years has been to put people in the right-fit position so that they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. As we enter a time of uncertainty, we remain committed to that mission more so than ever before. With various businesses closing their doors leaving workers with no hours or pay and others struggling to keep up with demand and staffing challenges, Snagajob is able to provide an avenue of assistance for both. Read more from our CEO, Mathieu Stevenson.

For Hourly Workers: If your team members will be impacted by a forced closure, please have them use our site to look for companies actively hiring in their area in order to provide supplemental income during this time of need.

For Employers: Moody's Analytics estimates that about 10 million workers will see an impact to their paychecks over the next couple months. If your business is remaining open, these workers will be looking for additional hours to make ends meet. If you are a current client, please reach out to your client executive or Bob Gabriel, Strategic Partnerships Manager, at, to discuss how our pay-for-performance solution can best to support your staffing needs.

Snagajob Shifts: In select markets, workers and employers can utilize our Snagajob Shifts platform to fill empty or extra shifts. Visit us at Snagajob or download our flyer and shifts FAQ.

Bob Gabriel, Strategic Partnership Manager, Snagajob  


Shopper Opportunity 

Given the current environment, we’re experiencing an unprecedented rise in demand for home delivery of groceries, household essentials, and medications. To best meet the needs of the communities we serve, we’re actively adding thousands of new Shipt Shoppers across the country. Bringing in additional shoppers will also allow us to reduce delivery delays and expand delivery windows, while also providing earning potential within local economies to those who are affected by these challenging times.

For more information or to apply to be a Shipt Shopper, visit

Work My Way

Hiring immediately for full-time, part-time and gig work. Our expert Recruiters are waiting to match you with the best opportunities in your area!

For more information text Talent to 44844 or visit

These Retailers are Hiring

There are numerous staffing services providers available to retailers. RILA has utilized its relationships with the companies listed below to identify potential sources of staffing help during this novel crisis. Staffing firms’ services and areas of operations vary so retailers should choose the staffing firm that meets their company’s business needs.

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