Innovation Ventures v. U.S. Wholesale Outlet

Supreme Court of the United States

Case: Innovation Ventures, LLC v. U.S. Wholesale Outlet & Distribution, Inc., et al.

Court: Supreme Court of the United States

Date: June 6, 2024 

Issue on Appeal: Whether the Robinson-Patman Act prohibits price-discrimination between two resellers in the same geographic area even if the two resellers do not compete for the same customers.

RLC’s Position: The Ninth Circuit's per se rule excluding an analysis of actual competition ignores economic realities and results in harm to all levels of the purchasing chain. The Ninth Circuit’s test also interprets the Robinson-Patman Act in a manner inconsistent with Supreme Court’s guidance.

Counsel: Hashim Mooppan, Traci Lovitt, Kate Brockmeyer, and Alexis Zhang of Jones Day 


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