Grants Pass v. Johnson

Supreme Court of the United States

Case: Grants Pass v. Johnson
Court: United States Supreme Court
Date: March 4, 2024
Issue on Appeal: Whether the enforcement of generally applicable laws regulating camping on public property constitutes “cruel and unusual punishment” prohibited by the Eighth Amendment.
RLC’s Position: Generally applicable ordinances regulating public campsites are one of many community tools for responding to establishes public health and safety problems. Retailers are on the front lines of experiencing these problems and work with a diverse array of community partners to build durable solutions. Specifically, the Retail Industry Leaders Association's Vibrant Communities Iniative is a leader in innovate problem solving. The Ninth Circuit's constitutional regime imposes unworkable requirements on communities and results in de factor non-enforcement and post-hoc judicial policy making. 
Other Amici: Retail Industry Leaders Association.
Counsel: Michelle Kallen and Maria LaBella, Jenner & Block


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