Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Retail Litigation Center? 

The Retail Litigation Center is the only membership organization dedicated to representing the retail industry in the judiciary. Historically, the Retail Litigation Center has engaged in appellate advocacy – filing amicus briefs in more than 150 cases to date and building the successful litigation strategy that led to the US Supreme Court’s groundbreaking decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair.

The RLC is now adding a new competency that will allow retail corporate counsel to work together to address the mass action litigation that plagues successful national retailers. No other organization serves this function for the retail industry.

Is the Retail Litigation Center the same as the Retail Industry Leaders Association? 

No, RILA founded the Retail Litigation Center as a separate entity in 2010.

If I am a member of RILA, am I also a member of the RLC? 

No, RILA and the RLC are separate entities.

Can I join RILA without joining the Retail Litigation Center, and vice versa? 

Yes. While each organization provides important services to retail member companies and we encourage all retailers to join both, retailers can belong to one organization without joining the other.

What are membership dues for the RLC?

RLC membership dues are based on annual revenue. You can see a chart of dues at this link.

If I am a retail member of the Retail Litigation Center, can I participate in both the Appellate Division and the Defense Division?

Yes. Retail members can participate in all aspects of the Retail Litigation Center.

As a retail member, how many representatives of my company can participate in RLC programs?

Historically, RLC retail membership has been limited to the general counsel of each retail member company. With the advent of the Appellate Division, we added each retailer’s head of litigation. Now with the advent of the Defense Division, multiple retail corporate litigators are invited to participate based on the issues that they are facing and seek to address with resources provided through the Retail Litigation Center.

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