Acheson Hotels, LLC v. Laufer

US Supreme Court (merits stage)

Case: Acheson Hotels, LLC v. Laufer 

Court: Supreme Court of the United States 

Date: June 12, 2023 

Issue on Appeal: Does a self-appointed Americans with Disabilities Act “tester” have Article III standing to challenge a place of public accommodation's failure to provide disability accessibility information on its website, even if she lacks any intention of visiting that place of public accommodation?  

RLC’s Position: Basic standing principles establish that “frustration and humiliation” alone do not confer standing. Serial ADA “tester” litigants abound and have significant negative effects on business, the court system, and Americans with disabilities.  

Other Amici: National Retail Federation. 

Counsel: Shay Dvoretzky, Parker Rider-Longmaid, Jason Russell, Michael McTigue, and Meredith Slawe of Skadden Arps.  

Case Documents
Initial Brief Dec 8, 2022
Press Download for Supreme Court brief



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