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Discount Retailer Discounts Employee Health and Safety Once Again (Source: EHSToday)

The company has racked up millions in OSHA fines over the past five years.

  • 3/5/2020

Illinois EPA tackling next vaping dilemma: toxic waste (Source: The Southern Illinoisan)

As people worry about the negative effects that electronic cigarettes and vape pens may have on users’ health, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency is worried about the damage caused by discarded vaping devices.

  • 2/29/2020

State to Delay Enforcing Ban on Retail Plastic Bags (Source: Huntington Now)

New York State won’t immediately enforce the single-use plastic bag ban, which goes into effect on Sunday, the state Department of Environmental Conservation said Friday.

  • 2/28/2020

Retail Council of Canada encouraged by Ontario Government's New Battery Recycling Model (Source: Yahoo Finance)

Ontario Government's move to extended producer responsibility for battery recycling confirms its commitment to Blue Box reform and demonstrates the Province's strong environmental leadership.

  • 2/28/2020

Cleaning Product Disclosures From Coast to Coast: California Law Goes Into Effect, Is New York Next? (Source: Arnold & Porter)

Less than two months after the online disclosure requirements of California's Cleaning Product Right to Know Act (the Act) went into effect, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYDEC) has resumed efforts at enacting its own ingredient disclosure program for the Empire State.

  • 2/25/2020

FAA Issues $120K Fine Against Multinational Hazmat Shipping Provider (Source: Lion Technology Inc.)

A household name for shipping services was issued a $120,000 civil penalty by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for allegedly violating hazardous materials regulations.

  • 2/3/2020

Dollar General, Sephora, Lowe's among 7 most improved retailers addressing toxic chemicals (Source: Greenbiz)

Major retail chains are stepping up to meet customer demand for improved product safety and sustainability in the face of a radical federal regulatory reform.

  • 2/3/2020

Proposition 65: California Clarifies Responsibilities to Warn Amongst Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers (Source: National Law Review)

The California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) recently adopted amendments to California Code of Regulations, section 25600.2 – the section titled “Responsibility to Provide Consumer Product Exposure Warnings.”

  • 1/29/2020

China's Overall Paper Imports Dropped Another 39% Last Year (Source: Resource Recycling)

China bought less of the world’s recycled fiber in 2019, the second year in a row of major decreases in recycled material imports. And the country’s environmental ministry has reiterated plans for an all-out import ban next year.

  • 1/28/2020

How the Textile Exchange's new index aims to make a material difference (Source: GreenBiz)

A new tool aims to push apparel and home furnishings companies further toward sustainability, and ramps up efforts by the textile and fashion industries to align material choices with the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • 1/20/2020

OEHHA Adopts Amendments to Prop 65 Retail Seller Responsibilities (Source: National Law Review)

On January 14, 2020, California’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) adopted amendments it proposed on November 16, 2018, and modified on October 4, 2019, to the Proposition 65 (Prop 65) regulations setting forth the circumstances when a “retail seller” is responsible for providing consumer product exposure warnings. The amendments are effective on April 1, 2020.

  • 1/17/2020

Local Business Owner Arrested for Illegal Tire Dumping (Source: Daily Commercial)

Investigators reportedly found more than 10,000 dumped tires, many of them containing still water, which creates a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes among other things.

  • 1/8/2020

Advocacy Groups Have a New Opening to Enforce the CWA When States Do Not Act (Source: National Law Review)

A district court judge adopted the rarely applied “constructive submission” doctrine, which could ultimately give advocacy groups leverage over states that ignore Clean Water Act (CWA) requirements.

  • 1/8/2020

Wegmans to Phase Out Single-Use Plastic Bags in New York (Source: Supermarket News)

Wegmans Food Markets plans to pull single-use plastic bags from all of its 47 New York stores on January 27.

  • 1/6/2020

Polybags in the Fashion Industry: Evaluating the Options (Source: Fashion for Good)

Polybags are the ubiquitous packaging of the fashion industry – something that unites brands small and large, from sportswear to luxury, to fast fashion retailers. This is the clear plastic bag which covers every garment from manufacturing to retail stores or consumer homes. In some cases, it is removed before it gets to a consumer, but polybags are still present ‘behind the scenes’.

  • 12/31/2019

Come Jan. 1, Oregonians must pay 5 cents for grocery bags (Source: Oregon Live)

Oregon became the fourth state in the nation when lawmakers passed a statewide plastic bag ban earlier this year. The new law takes effect Jan. 1.

  • 12/27/2019

Expert Opinion: Three Waste Regulations Making Big Impact in 2020 (Source: CSA)

There are several key regulations that will impact all industries that generate waste in 2020, including the Hazardous Waste Generator Improvements Rule, varied electronic waste policies and further implementation of the e-Manifest system.

  • 12/17/2019

Hawaii’s Most Populated Island Passes Sweeping Single-Use Plastic Ban (Source: Huffington Post)

Honolulu passed a bill banning most plastic utensils, food containers and straws on the island of Oahu, where almost 70% of the state’s residents live.

  • 12/16/2019

Companies Say They Want to Save the Planet—but They Can’t Agree How (Source: Wall Street Journal)

IKEA, Henkel and H&M are among those promising to go climate positive, but differ on what the term means

  • 12/10/2019

Disruptor of the Year: ThredUp (Source: Retail Dive)

This year could be considered the year the circular economy really took hold, particularly the resale space, and a major force leading the charge was e-commerce platform ThredUp.

  • 12/9/2019

California fines retailer a record $3.6 million for failing to recycle (Source: Market Watch)

California is one of 10 states with a deposit-refund system for beverage containers

  • 12/9/2019

DEP fines Car Dealership $17k for alleged air quality, waste violations (Source: Telegram)

The state Department of Environmental Protection Friday announced a $17,021 fine against The Harr Motor Company for alleged violations of environmental regulations at two city facilities.

  • 12/6/2019

Fertilizer dealers settle with EPA over risk management violations (Source: AgriPulse)

Fertilizer retailers in Nebraska and Iowa have settled complaints with EPA over their management of anhydrous ammonia — specifically, allegations they did not comply with risk management provisions in the Clean Air Act.

  • 11/20/2019

New report reveals top retailers making major chemical safety advances (Source: Safer Chemicals)

Largest-ever analysis finds dramatic improvements among retailers between 2016 and 2019.

  • 11/19/2019

Greening Up Your Ecommerce Operations During the Holiday Sprint (Source: Multi-channel Merchant)

The holiday shopping season is well underway, and The National Retail Federation is predicting holiday retail sales will total between $727.9 billion and $730.7 billion this year, and ecommerce is projected to grow 14.1% this holiday season, according to Adobe Analytics.

  • 11/19/2019

U.S. EPA settles with Arizona pesticide manufacturer for selling unregistered and misbranded pesticides (Source: EPA)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a settlement with Decon7 Systems LLC (Decon7) related to two pesticides produced by the Scottsdale company that were not registered with the EPA and were labeled with false and misleading claims about their safety and efficacy.

  • 11/18/2019

Increasing Recycling: Adding Aerosol Cans to the Universal Waste Regulations (Source: EPA)

With this rule, EPA adds hazardous waste aerosol cans to those “universal wastes” regulated under title 40 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), part 273.

  • 11/18/2019

FDA flag retailer for selling over-the-counter drugs made by companies with ‘pattern of serious violations’ (Source: CNBC)

FDA issues a warning letter to a discount retailer for allegedly selling drugs from foreign companies that have violated U.S. federal law.

  • 11/14/2019

Compliance Deadline Approaching for California Cleaning Product Disclosures while New York Program Stalls (Source: Beveridge & Diamond)

By January 1, 2021, the California RTK Act will require ingredient disclosures on product labels.

  • 11/8/2019

EPA settlement with Kansas-based pesticide distributor resolves alleged violations of pesticide labeling requirements (Source: EPA News Release)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced a settlement with PBI-Gordon Corporation (PBI) of Shawnee, Kansas, resolving alleged violations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) in Longmont, Colorado, and Monroe, Washington.

  • 11/6/2019

EPA’s Methylene Chloride Consumer Ban Will Take Effect Soon (Source: The Well)

Even though the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency issued its ban of methylene chloride for consumer use in paint and coating removal on March 27, 2019, the prohibition actually takes effect on November 23, 2019.

  • 11/6/2019

Packaging EPR on the way in another Canadian province (Source: Resource Recycling)

New Brunswick will require that manufacturers pay for the end-of-life collection and processing of the packaging materials they produce.

  • 11/5/2019

Staples launches new policy to drive toxic chemicals out of office supplies, electronics, textiles, and other products (Source: Safer Chemicals)

New commitment targets PFAS, organohalogen flame retardants, phthalates, bisphenols, and other dangerous chemicals for safe substitution.

  • 10/31/2019

OSHA Reveals Top 10 Violations for 2019 at NSC Congress and Expo (Source: National Safety Council)

This list challenges us to expect more from employers and recommit to safety as employees.

  • 9/10/2019

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