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The Environmental Compliance Network (ECN) provides a forum for leading retail environmental compliance executives to hear from experts and engage in peer-to-peer benchmarking on implementation, management, and oversight of retail federal and state environmental compliance programs.

Topics covered include the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts, the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act (EPCRA), Department of Transportation (DOT) and Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) regulations, storage tank regulations, process safety management, green chemistry initiatives and state and local environmental regulations.  

ECN participants also explore the role of innovation and technology in developing new approaches to compliance and operational practices that can bridge the gap between environmental compliance and sustainability to reduce environmental impacts as well as regulatory risk.

The ECN hosts bimonthly focused benchmarking calls and an annual meeting held in conjunction with RILA’s Environmental Advocacy Committee and Zero Waste Network. The ECN also conducts benchmarking surveys and helps inform the Retail Compliance Center’s development of new environmental compliance tools and resources.  

For information on RILA's Environmental Compliance Network, contact Tiffin Shewmake, VP and Executive Director, Retail Compliance Center at tiffin.shewmake@rila.org.  Network members can access recent ECN content and resources below. For archived webinars, call content, and resources please reach out to Tiffin Shewmake.
For more information on environmental law and regulations applicable to retail, including tools for environmental compliance program management, visit the Retail Compliance Center website. 

Joining the Environmental Complianc Network

Environmental Compliance Network is an invite-only group opened to industry leaders. This includes those that lead not just in sales but in aspiration. Through collaboration, education, advocacy and innovation, we envision the future of retail — and help retailers succed in it. To discuss if your company meets the requirments, contact  tiffin.shewmake@rila.org.

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Network Materials

Managing Chemicals in Products Webinar

Webinar with a presentation by UL and Rite Aid discussing how and why retailers are responding to consumer demand for safer formulated products.

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Zoom In, Zoom Out on Compliance

Pat Perry and John Storlie advise retailers on how to refocus on environmental compliance post-COVID 19

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Retail Donation Programs Webinar

Good360, Feeding America, and Goodwill discuss donation of excess inventory, the state of donation organizations and key donation info for retailers.

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COVID-19 FAQs on Medical Waste for Retail Facilities

FAQ providing information on what is considered Regulated Medical Waste and requirements for these new waste streams.

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Managing Environmental Compliance During COVID-19 Webinar

Webinar of the most recent Retail Compliance Center content related to COVID-19.

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RILA Comments on EPA Proposed Rules under TSCA

Filed with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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Environmental Compliance Network January 2021 Call

January 27th Environmental Compliance Network Call slide deck

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Environmental Compliance Network March 2021 Call

March 17th Environmental Compliance Network Call slide deck

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