House Select Committee on the CCP Hearing Recap

House Ways & Means Hearing on the Biden Administration’s 2023 Trade Policy Agenda with United States Trade Representative, Ambassador Katherine Tai.

Topline Summary: 
  • Members of the House Ways & Means Committee gathered to conduct a hearing on the Biden administrations trade policies and agenda with United States Trade Representative Katherine Tai. There was a wide range of discussions related to the various trade interests of the United States. Members discussed the ongoing status of the United States-Canada-Mexico (USMCA) agreement and how it has impacted trade between North American allies, specifically its role in helping to resolve tensions around areas such as labor. There was also discussion on Mexico’s recent decision to ban imports of genetically modified corn and how USTR is responding to that ban.  

  • Much of the conversation included implications for how trade decisions impact the relationship between the United States and China. There were mentions of the Biden administration’s decision not to increase tariffs on Chinese solar products that may be avoiding sanctions by shipping through other southeast Asian nations and on how certain trade partnerships, such as the IndoPacific Economic Framework (IPEF) are impacting US interests in that region.

  • Other conversations included the difference between traditionally negotiated trade deals and the Biden administration’s determination to pursue more relaxed trade partnerships and how to ensure that electric vehicle manufacturer’s supply chains are free from critical minerals that could have been extracted using forced labor. 

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