RILA Statement: PRO Act is dangerously flawed

Evan Armstrong, Vice President, Workforce at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) issued the following statement on the H.R. 2474, The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act):

“The PRO Act takes labor law in the U.S. backwards instead of forwards. Our labor laws are outdated but instead of bringing employers and workers together to develop workplace public policies to solve real issues this bill tramples on employee privacy rights, eliminates an employee’s right to a secret ballot, and empowers union organizers to intimidate neutral employers, which would significantly disrupt business operations, kill jobs, and hinder economic growth.

“Leading retailers are building a 21st Century Retail Workforce that is diverse, innovative, and skilled. We urge Members of Congress to focus on modernizing federal workplace laws instead of pursuing policies like the PRO Act that are dangerously flawed and drag us backwards.”

Read Armstrong’s op-ed on the PRO Act published in The Hill, Feb. 2 here.  


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