Retailers Welcome Senate Legislation to Block Overtime Rule

The Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) issued the following statement from Jennifer Safavian, executive vice president for government affairs, in response the introduction of a resolution in the U.S. Senate to block the implementation of the U.S. Department of Labor overtime rule. The measure, which utilizes the Congressional Review Act, was introduced today by Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), and co-sponsored by 44 additional Senators. 

“Retailers applaud Senators Alexander and Johnson for their commitment to protecting workers from this harmful rule,” said Safavian. “By making such dramatic changes to how employees are classified, the Department of Labor is hurting those that it claims it is trying to help. For retail employees, the changes will force countless employees to be reclassified from salaried to hourly, robbing them of the flexibility and upward mobility they currently value.” 

“RILA will continue to educate Members of Congress on the impact the rule will have on workers and the need to stop this harmful rule from taking effect.” 

RILA outlined its objections to the proposed rule in comments submitted to DOL last year. 


RILA is the trade association of the world’s largest and most innovative retail companies. RILA members include more than 200 retailers, product manufacturers, and service suppliers, which together account for more than $1.5 trillion in annual sales, millions of American jobs and more than 100,000 stores, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers domestically and abroad. 

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