Retailers Urge DC Council to Preserve Flexibility Employees

Today, RILA’s Director of State Government Affairs Liz Hunger testified before the Council of DC’s Subcommittee on Workforce in a public roundtable on “Fair Scheduling Issues in the District of Columbia.” Hunger reiterated retailers’ opposition to scheduling legislation that was tabled earlier this year and expressed a willingness on behalf of the industry to work constructively with the council should it consider legislation in the future. The legislation considered earlier this year, known as the Hours and Scheduling Stability Act, would require workers’ schedules to be finalized two weeks in advance. Employers that made changes to schedules inside of the two week window would face fines for doing so. RILA has long argued that this proposal would jeopardize the flexibility that retail employees depend on, make it more difficult for students and seniors to obtain part-time or season work with local retailers, and ultimately hurt economic development in the city.  

Hunger’s testimony notes: 

“Retail is an industry in which the needs of a particular store are as unique as the needs of their employees. For a business to be successful, the needs of both must be met. Retail employees place enormous value on flexibility and enjoy the ability to create and maintain a schedule that works best for their own personal and family needs. As employers, retails strive to create an environment where their employees can maintain balance, while also responding to the dynamic nature of the industry.” 

The testimony concluded: 

“RILA and its members are committed to working with leaders to find a common-sense solution that allows employers to preserve the flexibility that employees value within their existing scheduling programs. On behalf of RILA and the retail industry we urge the Council to work with the business community to and keep the District a welcoming location for future growth and development.” 

The complete testimony can be found here


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