Creative Thinking Required in Next Round of UI

The role of unemployment insurance is vital and nuanced

Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), Vice President, Workforce, Evan Armstrong issued the following statement in advance of the Senate Finance Committee hearing on Unemployment Insurance During COVID-19: The CARES Act and the Role of Unemployment Insurance During the Pandemic

“As the economy reopens across the country, the role of unemployment insurance is vital and nuanced. Leading retailers commend the Committee for closely examining unemployment insurance and supplemental payments that are helping individuals bridge the gap during this pandemic. Our hope is that these programs will be designed to strongly encourage individuals who have the opportunity to return to work to do so, while still supporting individuals who continue to lack work options provide for their families. This will require creative solutions and new thinking specifically around part-time work and how this impacts eligibility to unemployment insurance. Leading retailers want nothing more than to welcome all of their associates back to work but the realities of the pandemic mean that this may happen gradually. Support programs need to be designed to incentivize all types of private sector work while recognizing that many may still need support until more work becomes available as the economy rebounds.”  


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