Comments on Blade-Contact Injuries on Table Saws

The undersigned organizations provide these comments in response to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC or Commission) notice of proposed rulemaking to promulgate a mandatory standard for table saws. We represent manufacturers of consumer products, their suppliers, retailers and other key stakeholders that would be greatly impacted by this rulemaking. Our collective members are committed to providing safe products and assert that the most effective product safety regime must be based on a cooperative relationship between the Commission and stakeholders in the private sector.
We support effective regulation and oversight by the CPSC as it complements our shared commitment to safety and excellence in the products used by U.S. consumers. Regulating agencies should choose to explore imposing mandated standards only when necessary and appropriate; safety in consumer products must be maintained without imposing an undue burden on manufacturers, retailers and consumers. A productive and open dialogue between regulated entities and the agency is important in ensuring that the full potential impact of new regulations is considered.


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