Retail Workers Deserve Better than Pro Act

RILA warns senators of Pro Act’s antiquated, abusive tactics

Evan Armstrong, Vice President, Workforce at the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA) issued the following statement ahead of tomorrow’s Senate HELP Committee hearing on the Protecting the Right to Organize Act (PRO Act):

“The Protecting the Right to Organize Act is not a bill that will protect workers. It is a bill that seeks to bring back detrimental employment policies that severely undermines employee rights, worker protections, innovation and growth.

“One provision of the PRO Act  actually repeals prohibitions against threats, coercion and restraints against neutral suppliers and their workers. These union activities were disruptive and at times violent in the past, and it is unconceivable this bill seeks to revive them. Retail supply chains cannot handle further upheaval, and workers at neutral suppliers should not be subjected to these types of abusive behaviors.

“American workers deserve better. Retailers are focused on building a 21st Century Retail Workforce that is diverse, innovative, and skilled. To realize this goal, we need modern thinking that reimagines outdated labor laws which impede innovation, disrupt communication between employers and employees, and stifle employee rights.

“Leading retailers urge members of the Senate HELP Committee to reject the PRO Act and instead work on forward-thinking proposals that empower workers and enable retailers to invest in their people and their communities. Retail workers deserve that much.”

Read RILA’s letter to Senate HELP Committee members detailing the retail industry’s opposition to the PRO Act.


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