ESG Leadership + Unionization Avoidance


The Social “S” of ESG includes all things human capital management and labor relations, but where do recent unionization efforts fit into the dialogue? Retailers work hard to ensure that employees are supported and engaged, yet a union organizing effort can be a symptom of a company's failed or insufficiently proactive "S" endeavors. Organizing efforts are taking place against a backdrop of a desire by many Gen Z workers for a strong worker voice, activist investors and a White House that is promoting union. Join to learn more about the current unionization movement and the impact of activist investors and labor organizations on corporate behavior, as well as what forward thinking employers should be doing to ensure workers feel heard and supported.

ESG Leadership + Unionization Avoidance Video Thumbnail
Danny Kaufer, Ad.E., Senior Counsel, Borden Ladner Gervais and Laura Pierson-Scheinberg, Principal, Jackson Lewis.

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