Total Retail Loss Report (2019)

From Theory to Practice


Total Retail Loss 2.0: From Theory to Practice” builds on the groundbreaking research commissioned three years ago by the RILA Asset Protection Leaders Council in partnership with Professor Adrian Beck from the University of Leicester in the UK.

The new report analyzes the global retail industry’s adoption of Total Retail Loss (TRL), a concept introduced as a fundamentally different way for retail companies to define and manage loss. Based on an online survey of nearly 100 retailers, as well as interviews with senior asset protection executives, TRL 2.0 examines the awareness and utilization of the TRL concept across the industry, considers challenges to adoption, provides tips on getting started with the concept, and reveals an updated TRL typology.


Retailers around the world have embraced and are benefitting from the TRL concept.

  • 89% of retailers surveyed were aware of TRL
    • 64% of those believed TRL had some impact in their organizations
  • 53% of respondents had either fully embraced the concept or adopted some of its elements
    • 47% were thinking about using it in the next year

The updated TRL typology now offers 42 categories of loss – up from 33 in the original version – to account for losses associated with E-commerce, and a structured approach to using the typology based on the experiences of early adapters around the world.


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“It’s encouraging to see more and more companies adopting TRL in their loss management practices. We all share similar challenges in this area, so establishing a more consistent and effective way to talk about it as an industry is extremely helpful. We’re appreciative of Professor Beck’s work and RILA’s efforts to share this groundbreaking research with the broader retail industry.”

Paul Jaeckle, vice president of asset protection at Meijer and chair of RILA’s Asset Protection Leaders Council

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