Health Care Committee

RILA’s Health Care Committee is composed of senior health and benefits executives, as well as government relations professionals, focused on health care operational issues, policy development, and federal regulatory activities regarding the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and continued advocacy supporting employer-sponsored health care coverage.  

Since 2010, the ACA has been the central driver of all health care policy activity. However, with the increasing unlikelihood that the ACA will be replaced and substantially changed, leading retailers will soon be thrust into the debate centered on a nationalized health care system or Medicare-for-All.  The Committee is currently exploring challenges and opportunities related to highlighting the positives and achievements of employer-sponsored coverage.    

The Committee is also pursuing an agenda to explore the future of work as the new gig economy and the transformation to more freelance work will change the structure of how employees receive health care and the administration of benefits overall. 

The Committee activities include monthly conference calls, in-person meetings, and educational and advocacy opportunities. For more information on RILA’s Health Care Committee, contact Joe Williamson, director of government affairs, at

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