LINK2023 Daily Recap Blog Post

Welcome to LINK2023!!! We are so excited to finally welcome you to Orlando after a year since we last met. Based on the excitement we're sensing from all the attendees and high level of engagement in today's sessions, we can already tell it’s going to be a tremendous few days.In case you missed all the bright signage throughout the event, this year's conference theme is Going the Distance.

It's more than just branding—as retail supply chain leaders, you all go the distance for customers every single day. We like to refer to you all as logistical ninjas, able to navigate the most challenging of circumstances and pivot on a dime to ensure products make it from shore to shelf, from distribution centers to doorsteps, no matter the circumstances.

Whatever Going the Distance means to you, our hope is that there’s a little something for everyone here at LINK. We hope that during your time here you will remember to:

  • Widen your focus,
  • Take a pause,
  • Make connections,
  • Be greener,
  • Find a new solution,
  • Partnerships, Puppies, Peyton!!!

This year we're going to try something a little bit different....we're showing, not telling


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