Rep. Steil Talks Future of Work, Economic Disruption

Recently, RILA’s Senior Executive Vice President, Public Affairs, Michael Hanson, spoke with Congressman Bryan Steil (R-WI) at the Winter 2022 Workforce Summit. Rep. Steil spoke about his work in Congress on big issues like economic disruption, innovation, and the future of work.

As the Ranking Member on the Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth, the Congressman highlighted a need to balance innovation with supporting working Americans whose professions could be disrupted. He also noted that we need to rethink our social safety net to ensure families can be supported but we are not discouraging people who want to work to get back into the market.

Michael Hanson spoke with Rep. Steil about the changes in retail and the increasing focus on logistics, supply chain and e-commerce and to educate policymakers on these structural economic changes happening in retail and in the economy. Ultimately, the conversation ended with an agreement that leading retailers should engage with their representatives to share the story of the industry and ensure lawmakers craft effective policies. RILA is continuing to lean in on the issues of importance for the industry while working closely with members like Rep. Steil and others.

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