2022 Supply Chain Outlook: Consumers Can Bet on Retailers

The Journal of Commerce recently published its annual review and outlook for shipping in 2022. As part of this year’s piece, RILA President Brian Dodge shared his insights on the supply chain state of play and how leading retailers are continuing to adapt to serve customers and communities.

A few excerpts from Brian’s contribution below:

“As historic levels of much-needed investment in roads, bridges, rail, and port infrastructure come to fruition, it’s essential that large shippers and users of infrastructure have a prominent voice in determining where funds are applied to maximize impact. The industry must also commit to strengthening data infrastructure and developing interoperable data standards that can enable the visibility and plannability necessary for today’s light-speed supply chains.”

“Leading retailers continue to flex exceptionally adaptable supply chain networks, operated by logistical ninjas who solve problems through collaboration with suppliers and service providers.

“In 2022, retailers will need to navigate inflationary pressures, taking significant measures to manage costs and increase supply chain efficiency. As online retail sales remain strong — Adobe predicts annual US e-commerce sales will surpass $1 trillion for the first time in 2022 — large retailers will continue to optimize their networks to increase speed and flexibility.”

“Disruption will continue throughout 2022. Production setbacks, challenging labor shortages, soaring costs in all freight modes, constrained capacity, equipment dislocation, port congestion, and the various supply chain challenges that predate the pandemic will not be solved overnight.
“Consumers can bet on retailers to remain resilient. Circumstances are always shifting, and retailers will keep adapting to deliver for their customers.”
See the full article from Journal of Commerce here.

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