Retail in 2020: Investing in Infrastructure

Retailers rely on complex global supply chains to ensure customers have access to the products they desire at the best possible prices. The ability to access quality, responsibly sourced goods that reach customers by way of an efficient and predictable supply chain is the goal of every retailer. That’s why RILA is working with important stakeholders to enhance performance throughout the supply chain, namely by improving our nation’s infrastructure.

America’s infrastructure system is in desperate need of a significant overhaul to eliminate congestion and delays throughout the retail supply chain. Without wise investment and sound long-term national policies, America’s strained infrastructure could lead to significant decreases in productivity and global competitiveness.

RILA urges the Administration and Congress to work in a bipartisan fashion to produce a bold infrastructure package that invests in American growth and upgrades the nation’s aging and congested ports, highways, airports, and bridges.
RILA will continue to work with industry stakeholders to:
  • Increase awareness of port inefficiencies with policymakers;
  • Develop specific legislative proposals that would link timely and accurate port metrics and performance to federal funding;
  • Advocate for state authority to permit the usage of Twin 33-foot trailers and raise truck weight limits;
  • Support legislation like the DRIVE Safe Act to mitigate the current driver shortage; and
  • Advocate for increased funding for regionally and nationally significant, multimodal, and cross-jurisdictional projects funded through BUILD grants and FASTLANE programs.
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