RILA Hosts First HR Innovation Awards

It’s no secret that, for retailers, finding top talent is a growing business challenge. In my work with retail HR leaders, the question of how to secure and retain a workforce – not just for today’s needs, but for future success – continues to be a major focus area. As the gig economy takes a stronger hold in the marketplace and makes competition for employees stronger, retailers are looking for innovative ways to attract and retain talent in order to meet the needs of both the employer and the employee.

It is with this in mind that RILA launched the RTech Human Resources Innovation Awards. The awards called for dynamic tech solutions designed to help retailers innovate their workforces in areas like portable benefits, staffing & hiring, payroll management, shift sharing, and more to apply. Three finalists were selected by top HR executives from our member companies and were subsequently invited to pitch their solutions to RILA's Human Resources Leaders Council in a "shark tank" style session during their annual meeting on January 22-23 in Amelia Island, FL. 

We’re excited to announce our three finalists:

  • CrewModern communication built for your workforce. Crew is the first communications app designed specifically for the millions of workers who don’t have ready access to effective communication technology on the job. Companies and its employees can download Crew to centralize team communication (messaging, scheduling, tasks, recognition) and replace manual or paper-based workplace communication.

  • CheckrHire great people. Faster. Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks for global enterprises and startups. This mobile app leverages technology expertise to make it easier for applicants to submit information wherever they are, using their preferred device, in real time.

  • IPSE-US/iWorker InnovationsThis new offering provides members with access to a suite of innovative services and portable benefits. IPSE's iWorker Innovations delivers services centered around one common cause: driving equality for America's fast-growing independent workforce. Member benefits include advocacy, technology training, and guidance on becoming a more effective independent worker.

As the industry continues to evolve to meet the demands today’s dynamic workforce, RILA will continue to recognize companies driving and enabling innovation in the HR space. We look forward to promoting collaboration between industry disruptors and traditional retailers while working towards solutions that promote the flexibility employees want and expect.

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